• Legend of Cang Jie

    Legend of Cang Jie

    Cangjie Legend is an ancient Chinese folklore. The story of Cangjie's writing originated from the Yan and Huang Dynasties and has a history of 5,000 years. Legend has it that in

  • Cangzhou Lazi

    Cangzhou Lazi

    Cangzhou Laozi is a traditional folk dance with strong local characteristics in the central area of Hebei Province. Laozi is one of the representative folk dances in Hebei Province.

  • Cangzhou Wushu

    Cangzhou Wushu

    Cangzhou people have been known for their simplicity, integrity, diligence and bravery since ancient times. Because of the relationship between geography and historical conditions

  • Tibetan New Year

    Tibetan New Year

    Tibetan calendar year is the traditional festival of the Tibetan people. Bhutan and Mongolia, which are deeply influenced by Tibetan culture, also celebrate the Tibetan New Year

  • Tibetan calligraphy

    Tibetan calligraphy

    Tibetan calligraphy is an important part of Tibetan culture and art. In the seventh century AD, during the Zampson Zangganbu period of Tubo, minister Tunmi Sampuza absorbed the advantages of different

  • Tibetan drama

    Tibetan drama

    The Tibetan name of Tibetan opera is "Aguiram", which means "fairy sisters". According to legend, Tibetan opera was first performed by seven sisters. The content of the opera is mo

  • Tibetan Fragrance Production Techniques

    Tibetan Fragrance Production Techniques

    Tibetan incense is a rare "Tianmu" in the snow-covered mountains of Tibet. There are many records in Buddhist sutras. Tianmuxiang is the top-grade offering of Buddhist rites and buddhism.

  • Tibetan Medicine

    Tibetan Medicine

    Tibetan medicine is a bright pearl in the treasure house of Chinese medicine. The Tibetan people living in the snow-covered plateau for generations have accumulated

  • Weaving Techniques of Tibetan Bangdan and Kapa

    Weaving Techniques of Tibetan Bangdan and Kapa

    The woolen apron commonly used by Tibetan people is called "Bangdian" in Tibetan, which has the functions of decoration and cold resistance. Jiedexiu Town, Gongga County, Shannan District, T

  • Tibetan knitting and embroidery

    Tibetan knitting and embroidery

    Tibetans are good at embroidery and textile, and exquisite craftsmanship adds infinite charm to their costumes, which is the most prominent manifestation of Tibetan

  • Tibetan Gugu Encouragement

    Tibetan Gugu Encouragement

    Tibetan God inspiration has a long history. As for its origin, there is a legend that one or two hundred years ago, a "Gawa Hubo" (i.e. a local official) in Ningba village danced in the mans

  • Construction Techniques of Tibetan Diaolou

    Construction Techniques of Tibetan Diaolou

    Gabu Tibetan ancient building complex is located on the second terrace on the north-east Bank of Mako River, 3 kilometers northeast of Lighthouse Township, Banma County