• Buyi Folk Songs

    Buyi Folk Songs

    Bouyei folk songs have special features, such as ancient songs, narrative songs, love songs, wine songs and labor songs; solo, duet, chorus and duet in form; tunes are divided into major and minor. Ev

  • Bouyei Pange

    Bouyei Pange

    Bouyei Pange is a traditional folk song of the Bouyei nationality. It is a folk literary work created and sung in the original Bouyei language. Bouyei Pange is popular in Buyi villages

  • Production Techniques of Buyi Medical Herbs for Benefiting Liver

    Production Techniques of Buyi Medical Herbs for Benefiting Liver

    Guiding County, Guizhou Province, is a subtropical monsoon rheumatic fever climate with distinct seasons, rich heat, long frost-free period, abundant rainfall and complex and

  • Buyi Peoples Changing Dance

    Buyi Peoples Changing Dance

    The Bouyei people, who can sing and dance well, have created colorful Bouyei culture. Buyi people like singing and dancing to express their feelings whether they

  • Tea Picking Opera

    Tea Picking Opera

    Tea-picking opera is a kind of traditional opera popular in Jiangnan and Lingnan provinces. It was mostly produced from the middle of Qing Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty.

  • Painting of Painted Sand Tancheng

    Painting of Painted Sand Tancheng

    He said that if we compare life to a picture scroll, if the world wants to be detached from things and hearts, should it also laugh away the glory or frustration,

  • Tone tune

    Tone tune

    Colour tune, commonly known as tune, colour tune, colour lantern, Na Hao Hey and so on, is one of the local operas in Guangxi. It belongs to the system of Lantern opera

  • Color tie

    Color tie

    Color tie Coloured tie is also called paper tie and silk tie. It is a kind of simulation art of Chinese traditional folk crafts, and also a comprehensive handicraft.

  • Cai Lifo quan

    Cai Lifo quan

    Cai Li Foquan is one of the Nanquan in Chinese traditional boxing. Legend has it that Chen Heng (1806-1875), a native of Jingmei Township, the new capital of Guangdong Province,

  • Cai Luns Paper making Legend

    Cai Luns Paper making Legend

    Cailun Paper-making Stories and Legends are legends circulated in Cailun's fiefdoms, burial sites and experimental sites of Yangxian Longting and surrounding areas.

  • Silkworm custom

    Silkworm custom

    Haining City, the ancient name is meaningful, and later because of drunken plum from wood changed its name to salted plum. This is the seat of Changshui County in the Spring

  • Silk Weaving Techniques

    Silk Weaving Techniques

    Silk weaving is a traditional Chinese handicraft with a long history. It consists of four parts: Yuhang Qingshui silk sponge production technology, Hangluo weaving technology