• The Legend of the Cloth Bag Monk

    The Legend of the Cloth Bag Monk

    From the end of Tang Dynasty to the Five Dynasties, the monk of Fenghua, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, named Tingzi, was an eminent monk of Hou Liang in the Five Dynasties

  • Cloth paste painting

    Cloth paste painting

    Teng Teng is the founder of Teng's cloth paste painting. He was born in Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Hebei Province in 1932. He is the director of Teng's cloth paste painting

  • Butterfly Bucket Encouragement of the Browns

    Butterfly Bucket Encouragement of the Browns

    Buzz drum dance is a kind of collective dance of men and women of ancestral origin. It has great improvisation. There are two kinds of dance methods: He Xinfang and

  • Browns Folk Songs

    Browns Folk Songs

    The folk songs of the Browns are rich in content and many melodies. Every time they get married, move to a new house, celebrate New Year's Day or work, young people

  • Cloth tiger

    Cloth tiger

    Cloth tiger is a kind of traditional handicraft which has been widely spread among Chinese people in ancient times. It is also a good toy for children, indoor decoration

  • Bru


    Bru, Mongolian means throwing. Competitions are divided into two categories: long throw and accurate throw, mostly held in festive festivals. The long throw is to decide

  • Brodo


    Buyi Opera, a local traditional drama in Ceheng County, Guizhou Province, is one of the national intangible cultural heritage.

  • March 3 of Buyi Nationality

    March 3 of Buyi Nationality

    Buyi "March 3" is a traditional festival held by Buyi people on the third day of March in the lunar calendar. It mainly takes the form of offering sacrifices to the gods of the society and s

  • Buyi Eight tone Sitting Singing

    Buyi Eight tone Sitting Singing

    Buyi eight-tone sitting-singing, also known as "Buyi eight-tone", is a form of folk music and singing handed down from generation to generation by the Buyi people

  • Buyi Chabai Song Festival

    Buyi Chabai Song Festival

    The Buyi Chabaige Festival is a commemorative festival of the Buyi people in Xingyi, southwest Guizhou Province. It is held in Chabaichang, Dingxiao Town, Xingyi City

  • Bouyei costume Guizhou Province

    Bouyei costume Guizhou Province

    As a material and cultural phenomenon, the production and change of Buyi costumes are always in line with the social and economic development.

  • Bouyei Leyou

    Bouyei Leyou

    Le You and Le Lang are Buyi oboe gas song instruments. They resemble suona, bowl-less, insect whistle playing, bright and sweet timbre. It can be used for Solo or singing accompaniment