• North Road Bangzi

    North Road Bangzi

    Bangzi, also known as Shanglu Opera, is a local traditional drama in Datong, Shuozhou, Xinzhou and parts of Inner Mongolia and Hebei in northern Shanxi Province. It is one of the national intangible c

  • Bay Leaf Jing Making Skills

    Bay Leaf Jing Making Skills

    In June 2008, the technique of making bay leaf Scriptures was listed in the national intangible cultural heritage protection list. The Beiye Sutra (Dai for "lazy") refers to the Buddhist

  • Legend of Biashla

    Legend of Biashla

    Biashraze, also known as Ashraze, is the most representative Bimo Master of the Yi nationality. The legend of Ashraze has become divine through oral transmission and artistic processing of language

  • Bemo painting

    Bemo painting

    Bimo Painting of the Yi Nationality is a kind of picture on paper or animal skin, bark, bamboo slips, stone, wooden boards and other carriers painted by Bimo, a priest of the Yi Nationality.

  • Bemo music

    Bemo music

    Qubila fire is well known in Meigu County, Liangshan Prefecture. He is not only a highly respected Yi Dabimo, but also a representative successor of national intangible cultural heritage projects.

  • Plaque Custom Hakka Plaque Custom in South Jiangxi

    Plaque Custom Hakka Plaque Custom in South Jiangxi

    Hakka plaque custom in southern Jiangxi has gradually developed with the migration of northern scholars to southern Jiangxi. Hakka traditional custom in rural areas has been formed

  • Bian Embroidery

    Bian Embroidery

    Bian embroidery, one of the traditional Chinese embroidery techniques, has a long history and is known as "national treasure". It is famous for its exquisite embroidery,

  • Binyang Gulong Festival

    Binyang Gulong Festival

    Binyang Gulong Festival is a unique traditional festival in Binyang County, Guangxi. It is a comprehensive folk festival that integrates Han and Zhuang cultures.

  • Legend of Boya Period

    Legend of Boya Period

    "When the evidence of the legendary place of Bo Yazi Period was found in Hanyang, I knew that it was hopeful to apply for the national level!" Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provin

  • Bo Ba Shen en

    Bo Ba Shen en

    Bobassengen is a unique folk large-scale narrative mass pot village dance created by Ganbao Tibetan Village in Jiarong Tibetan area, Lixian County, Sichuan Province. "Boba"

  • Bogda Ula Festival

    Bogda Ula Festival

    The sacrifice of Bogdahura (Shenshan) is one of the earliest forms of Mongolian creative culture in China. It is the product of national culture, which is formed by historical accumulation and plurali

  • Bo dance

    Bo dance

    Horqinbo dance, a primitive religious dance, is a form of Mongolian Bo (Shaman) "Xingbo" (Dancing God) and sacrifice. It is characterized by the combination of inspiration,