• Lao Tzu

    Lao Tzu

    Laozi, surnamed Li Minger, is a character of Bai Yang, or posthumous Bo Yang. In the late spring and Autumn period, the birth and death years were unknown. About 571 years ago, it was born in the late

  • Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee (November 27, 1940 -1973 July 20th) Lee Jun Fan Teacher Ye Wen Born in California, USA San Francisco The ancestral home of China Guangdong Province Foshan City Shunde District Junan Town The

  • Qi baishi

    Qi baishi

    Qi Baishi (January 1, 1864 - September 16, 1957), formerly known as Zhi Zhi, the word Wei Qing, No. Lanting Pavilion, later renamed Huang, the word is on the edge, the number of Bai Shi, white stone m

  • Sun Tzu

    Sun Tzu

    Sun Wu (about 545 BC - about 470 BC), long Qing, late spring and autumn. Qi State Le An (today) Shandong ProvincePeople in the North 。 China's famous military strategist and statesman in the spring an

  • Zhang Daqian

    Zhang Daqian

    Zhang Daqian (Chang Dai-Chien, May 10, 1899 - April 2, 1983), formerly known as Zheng Quan, was renamed as yuan, Ji Yuan, Hao Da, alihao Dai Ju Shi, Xia Li Hong Kong people, Zhai Da Feng Tang. Sichuan

  • Ba Jin

    Ba Jin

    Ba Jin (November 25, 1904 - October 17, 2005), male, Han nationality , Sichuan Chengdu Man, his ancestral home Zhejiang Jiaxing 。 Ba Jin's original name Li Yao Tang And another pen name, Pei pole, bli

  • Bai Juyi

    Bai Juyi

    Bai Juyi (772 - to - 6), Le Tian, the number of Xiangshan residence, and Mr. drunken Yin, whose ancestral home is Taiyuan, Shanxi. And moved to his great grandfather. Lower jaw Born in Henan Xinzheng

  • Ban Chao

    Ban Chao

    Ban Chao (32 - 102 years), the word Zhong Sheng. Fufeng County Ping Lingxian County (now) Shaanxi People in Northeast Xianyang. Eastern Han Dynasty Famous time Militarist Diplomats, historian Ban Bi T

  • Ban Gu

    Ban Gu

    Ban Gu (32 - 92 years), Meng Jian, Fufeng An Ling (now Shaanxi Xianyang Northeast China, famous in Eastern Han Dynasty historian , Litterateur 。 Ban Gu's birth Confucianism Family, father Ban Bi Uncle

  • Bao Yugang

    Bao Yugang

    In early years, he entered Shanghai Zhongxing school. Wusong merchant shipping Academy 。 Drop out of school in 1937 Central Trust Bureau Hengyang office, deputy manager of Hengyang branch of China Ind

  • Bi Sheng

    Bi Sheng

    Bi Sheng (about 971 years to 1051) was promoted to Hubei, Huanggang, Hubei. Yingshan County One of the great inventors of ancient China, the inventor of the five great ancient inventions of ancient Ch

  • Bian Que

    Bian Que

    Bian Que (407 BC - 310 years ago) Ji surname, Qin Shi, name slowly, the word Yue people, also number Lu medicine, the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period famous doctor. The spring a